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Structural rules of the municipality of Gabrovo

Art.38. Information and Communication Technologies Department / under the direct supervision of the Mayor of the Municipality /:

Organizes, coordinates and controls the implementation, development and maintenance of information systems in the Municipality of Gabrovo;
Maintains the available computer equipment, network operating systems, servers, local network and telephone network in the Municipality;
Researches the need for specialized consumer software products for the needs of municipal administration and their availability on the information technology market;
Prepares terms of reference for delivery or assignment for development of software and computer equipment;
Participates in commissions for delivery of software products and computer equipment;
Makes contacts with companies and departments, creators of software used in the work of the Municipality of Gabrovo and provides methodological assistance to specialists in its application;
Maintains technically the website of the Municipality of Gabrovo on the Internet;
Gives publicity to the decisions of the Municipal Council and the normative documents adopted by it by publishing them on the Internet - the website of the Municipality of Gabrovo;
Organizes communication with the mayoralties and deputy mayors for the provision of administrative services to the population;
Supports the GIS server of the Municipality of Gabrovo;
Training of the employees of the Municipality of Gabrovo to work with GIS applications.